Evolutionary Leadership

XLR8 YOU!!! Evolutionary Leadership
For executives and senior level managers who want to experience leadership development at a new level.
This 18 – 24 month coaching process begins with a series of Emotional Intelligence self assessments which leads to a kick-off week that includes a 360 assessment and development of an extensive leadership learning plan. During the 15 – 21 month follow-up coaching process, the learning action plan is implemented which includes practices their newly acquired coaching skills as well as initiating a values cultural transformation process with their team and/or organization.  At the end of the process, the client “graduates” following a second 360 assessment and subsequent updating of their leadership learning plan.

We have a proven track record of helping both experienced and new executive leaders enhance their leadership capabilities and achieve a higher, more fulfilling level of success. (See Who We Serve) Over 30 years of leadership and executive coaching experience has contributed to the development of this process. It is individually focused, self-discovery based, and puts today’s best models and practices to work for participants.

The XLR8 Team, Inc. can deliver this program exclusively to your team or organization at a location convenient to you or in one of the group kick-off weeks in Upstate New York.