Our Approach



“Becoming a great leader begins with your inner journey.  That’s what this process is all about and that’s why it gets great results .”

Richard Barrett, Founder, Values Centre


2 Responses to Our Approach

  1. Bob Wolfe says:

    Tom and Elaine, How is it that that whenever I’m in a major transition in my life xlr8 somehow makes an appearance? I’m retireing this week and it just makes sense that I get e-mail from Andrew that speakes directly to what is going on in my life right now, much like the impact of my first experince with xlr8 was many years ago. Just so you know all of my stuff from our first meeting is going home with me.( top banana as well)! Thanks for your guidence in the past it will serve me well in the next chapter of my life!
    All the best,
    Bob Wolfe

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement, Bob, and all the best to you as you explore the next chapter of your life!!! Keep “paying it forward” ~ you just made my day … Thanks!
    Elaine Brady, The XLR8 Team, Inc.

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