Elaine Brady – Executive Coach

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Unique Ability: Genuine, energetic & loyal team player with a positive outlook on life who uses her strong interpersonal skills essential to building positive personal & professional relationships

Personal Mission: To inspire and nurture people in their spirited journey fostering/reinforcing their true passions in life and encouraging/coaching them with the necessary tools & confidence to reach their goals and ultimate dreams!

Personal Values: Family, Personal Relationships, Personal Fulfillment, Humor/Fun, Balance


  • Having peace and harmony present daily!
  • Appreciating health/well being of those I love!
  • Enjoying the “landscape” that surrounds me!
  • Enjoying the new-found freedom with Tom as empty-nesters!
  • Coaching enthusiastic clients in reaching their full potential both professionally and personally!

Contact Elaine
585-544-1570 (Office)

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